Part III: Psalm 37:5,6 “The Justice of Your Cause”

During the process of being taken to court with all the stress and pressure of those seven months, we received encouragement from believers in our church and from family members. My brother Paul shared a passage with me:

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.” Psalm 37:6,7

After committing our venture to the Lord and determined trust Him, we saw him accomplish the seemingly impossible in giving us a victorious court case. But He wasn’t finished. 

After we were given the green light by the court system, we decided to get some school uniforms. In public, we felt it would enhance the attitude of our community toward the validity of home schooling. We all wore red polo shirts with khaki pants for boys and skirts for girls. We schooled our children in behavior, expanded our outings in the community, and followed up with thank-you notes or posters.

The following year, the local public schools hosted Jim Trelease, author of The Read Aloud Handbook. Carol and I slipped in among the rest of the teachers and enjoyed his presentation of the value of reading aloud with our children.

Every year I taught, I always read aloud to the children after lunch. I loved making different voices, bringing characters and events to life. Hearing this man’s encouragement confirmed this method of building a love of language through literature. Each new book was a journey to a new land or experience. We read the entire Little House on the Prairie series (twice), The Chronicles of Narnia, Little Rascal, The Wheel on the School, Caddie Woodlawn, and many more. None of us liked to see the end of a book come because that meant leaving the adventure and the new friends we had made on the journey. We read biographies of Johannes Kepler, Mother Theresa and others. We included God’s Smuggler, The Hiding Place,  and other books on Christian heroes.

Filled with the glow of boosted confidence, we stood in line with those seeking autographs on our newly purchased copy. I overheard conversation ahead and realized the head of the school board was right in front of me. I figured that we had nothing more to lose (the official court documentation protected us from further prosection for ten years), so I introduced Carol and me. He was polite, but the best was yet to come. When our turn at the author’s table came, and I explained to Mr. Trelease that we were home schooling, he was very animated, enthusiastic, and supportive. He talked about other students he had encountered in his tours – how intelligent and inquisitive these youngsters were — all in the hearing of the School Board president. He made our light shine as the noon day.

But God still wasn’t finished performing His Word: 

As a follow-up to a unit on God’s authority, we visited the courthouse and watched jury selection. In preparation, we baked lots and lots of cookies, wrote notes of appreciation, and delivered them to every office in the courthouse – police, legislative, even maintence. After the jury selection, that same assistant district attorney come over to speak with us. He told our red-shirted group that he was impressed by what he saw and heard about our little school, and he said, “I was skeptical about this at first, but now I believe you are doing a good thing.”

God made “our righteousness shine like the dawn and the justice of our cause like the noonday sun.”


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